Cremation Urns provide the vessel in which to memorialize a loved one. While a cremation urn serves to safeguard the cremated remains, it should also reflect the personality of the deceased individual. As you will learn, cremation urns are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials. They can be simple and quite inexpensive or intricate and as costly as a one-of-a kind sculpture. Before a cremation urn is selected, some thought should be given to the final placement of the urn. If the urn is to be kept at home, them something more decorative might make sense. If it to be buried in a cemetery, then an urn crafted out of something durable would work nicely. The presence of the urn at the memorial service might also impact the selection as well.


Permanent Urns - Those that do not disintegrate over time when buried in a cemetery. There are many different types - bronze, copper, marble, slate, steel, etc. A permanent urn may be required by cemetery regulations. 

Non-Permanent Urns - These are mainly wooden, glass, or ceramic urns. Wood urns are most often used for display in homes, niches or when buried in a cemetery with the idea of ashes to ashes and dust-to-dust. 

Keepsakes - Infant and Pendant Urns

Speciality Urns - We offer several specialized vessels of containment which return to nature when placed either in water or in earth.

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